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>>and good morning is 6:00 a.m.. we are watching the weather. the bulk of the rain has moved off and we are still looking for showers. >>we have our so low reporter mike standing out in concord with the latest. >>when the temperatures drop there is nothing like a hot chocolate or coffee to get the morning started. this is what a lot of people are doing right now. many of them are wearing jackets and switchers. the good news is that the rain has stopped at least for now. you might have woken up and heard that the rain that hit the bay
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area had people here digging through the clauses to find extra layers of clothing to wear this morning. >>i were a lot of sweatshirts. i stay in the house. i turn my heater. i drink coffee. >>there is a chance the rain still may be for the afternoon. there may also be some hale. there may also be snow at lower elevations. this means that a dusting of snow may come through. you might want to put on a jacket if you have not left your home yet. >>this is a shot of what most of the bay area are working up to. it is damp and cold. >>this is the focus for our forecast. we're live with erica. >>it will be dry for the
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weekend and maybe there will be light rain for the early morning hours. a lot of people will not be of any way so it just depends. west roadways are outside and as you go to storm trackers for a lot of this has moved to the south and east. we will assume men and it was raining. we are relatively dry in the south bay. again is light green on the screen which indicates that the rain is like in nature. if most of the heaviest rain has pushed out and we are no longer sing the rainfall. we can continue to see if you scattered showers for the rest of the morning but by the early afternoon we should be completely dry. >>we will continue to hold on to the cool air. you can
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see that there is light lying around the you read the area. this will rotate and his san francisco on the backing. was a light rain later on tonight and remember that it is friday so a lot of people have outdoor plants. into 6:00 p.m. which should be dry the taky but check out 8:00 p.m.. we do have the potential for some potspotty showers. if you may see lightning and maybe hale and gusty winds. tomorrow looks to be a dry one and temperatures will be in the mid '50s. we will have a full look at the weather coming up in just a bit. >>time for a quick commute
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check. the bart is beginning to pick up which had early morning delays. they have problems and their berkeley and now that is over with. the for will right looks a pretty slow for him as a 580 and highway 4. it is light traffic as well. >>an a mass of three alarm fire is in burbank. there's still flames coming out. this is a huge cigarette warehouse that went up in flames. owner is on the scene and he stated that this may turn into missiles if they go on inside. the firefighters also try and stop this from going to adjacent buildings. and there are no injuries
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reported at this time. >>it is now 6 04 a.m. and it is a clear sign that the holidays are on the way. people have registered for free food and toys at sacred heart in california. >>this is a bad sign of the times because been out here is very hard braking. we are ready see about 300 people who are here to register around 7:30 a.m.. if >>i came here about 4:00 a.m.. >>we are about the middle to the back of the line and this is a problem hundred families out there. this is how bad the needy is an area. if what they're doing as sacred heart community services is that they're taking your name and they are citing low for a free thanksgiving and christmas mail. if they stated that if you do have kids that it is
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important for them to get to voice. they will also give you a choice and they will give you three toys each for each child. if these are donations that have been pouring in. we were here several months ago when there were given the children backpacks for school. even though we live in the bay area and is this nto attend this is supposed to be a flood areafluent area. t time did you get here? >>why was it important for you to be restored early in the cold >>the line always gets along like this every year so you should make sure that you get in front before 9:00 a.m.. what are you looking for? is it the fool or the tories? >>if you are ce and if you are a
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certain zip code then you get the food and in certain once adjusted toys. what would you do without this? >>i have six kids and i could not get by without this. >>altogether there given about 7000 meals at thanksgiving and christmas. they have 16,500 toys to give out. if you are willing to donate we will put this link on our web site so you can continue to make a donation. >>we are watching wall street and president obama is expected to address the nation this morning. he wants congress to go ahead and act. this addresses come from the white house and mr. obama is not want to lead a
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certain plan he just wants them to work together so that these tax increases cannot happen when gen refers comes. this is said to be at 10:00 a.m. this morning.
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>>this is what is going on on wall street. we are seeing drops of the least 300 points. there are
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concerns about their not being able to get the next round of bailout money. we're also watching what is happening in washington with president obama barre redirected.being redirected. >>the s&p is showing that there is a 15 percent chance of that will pull it off. apple's stock continues to this drop. and this is a 24% drop for apple and this is a big drag for the nasdaq. we're also watching price line and cognac with public and stated that they are down. they're spending a $0.1 million by kayak and
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this is a search engine. the dial is down by 70 points. >>401k balances are hitting record high as employees are starting to catch a way. it the average 401k balance climb to $75,000 by the end of the third quarter. if this is according to fidelity investments. this is the highest level that they have seen. the increase is a combination of days of the stock market and increase in employee contributions and the employer's matching them. >>they will be considering new fees for super seniors and these are still is to have enough credits to graduate and they just continue to keep taking
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class's and they need to graduate. they're also considering to charge a fee to retake a course. they stated that this is about improving access the class's for all students. there stating that these students need to move on unless the government's star. >>with that a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is now 6:13 a.m. it is 45 degrees right now in san francisco. where are looking for a high of 55 degrees. if [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >>we are back. the hot stories that we are now falling. we want you to show was your weather photos and we will streamline them. our facebook page is a good way to do that. just added to our wall and you can also e- mail them to us at breaking news at kron 4 .com. >>keep a lookout and you just may see your photo displayed. the line it is what in some parts and i
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>>we may pick up a pop-up strayed shower. you can see clear conditions and there are a few clouds in the background. it is shaping up to be a pretty gorgeous morning is just chilly outside. i want to show you that all the rain is rotating to the east. there are slick roadways but i do not think that you would need to use your windshield wipers. you may not need them until later on tonight. we do have light runran off shore to eureka. it is a friday and a lot of people have outdoor plans and a man out to dinner. you will need your umbrella because it may be a wet one. >>it should be drive by 6:00 p.m. and it looks like it
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will pass through. clouds will start to decrease and it will be relatively clear tonight and with that was see frost develop. the temperatures may drop to below freezing. check out santa rosa their headwe will col their push through an temperatures only climb to the upper 50s. richmond is at 54 degrees. san mateo is at 57 degrees. if you're heading to the cal game tomorrow it will be a dry one and the kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast states said it will be dry conditions for sunday. there will be dic chancbig chances of
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rain for next weekend. i will talk more about that coming up in just a bit. >>as we continue to monitor a fairly calm commute. the metering lights have not been activated at the bay bridge. the back of the started to form and it is still about a 16 minute commute time. for the san mateo bridge we're looking at a 11 minute drive time. this is great news and the pavement continues to drive. for the golden gate bridge is the easy ride. there are no delays here. for your ride of the shore freeway the drive time has not grown in this s.f. 16 to 18 minutes. this is from hercules to berkeley.
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westbound friday is showing slow traffic. here as the guadalupe parkway. the marin ride is slow at the civic center and of the rise is a slow commute. >>we're keeping our eyes on gas prices. if they're still starting to inch down. the state's highest $3.89. san francisco is down by 3¢ overnight. you cannot find gas run average for $4.20. oakland is looking a 30 >>the police teamed up with a swat team and several others to go in to the
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department. they found meth and weapons and there were four apartments--this date is that the first lap of the bay area was used to make the first hallucinogenic drug that has been running population. >>another drug busts to tell you about is where they searched the home and a narcotics san says 5 lbs. of marijuana and cocaine. they stated they were arrested and two others were arrested for the sale and possession of narcotics. >>this is a composite sketch of a man who was wanted for a kidnapping. this man who looks like this approach did early on monday afternoon and he came up behind her when she was walking on 100
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and third avenue. he grabbed her and try to put her in a truck that was waiting with the driver's side. if she was able to strut we get away. >>here is the suspect described by the 14 year-old victim. we have a male who is white and he is tall and thin. he has blond hair about shoulder land and he was wearing a baseball hat. they have not released a another sketch. they stated that the driver is similar to the suspect and he is a white man within me it to a 26 and the second attacker has a goatee and spiked hair. he was driving a giveaway truck and it was in your model dodge ram truck. >>this happened around 7:30
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p.m. and she was leaving her job. given to men attacked ridge was walked into her car in a remote parking lot. they crossed her and forced her into her own vehicle and they put a blindfold on her and tied her feet and hands. they drove her around for several hours and attempted to what tame money from her. the police said that they stuck by at least three atms and they let her go in oakland hills. someone in the area soccer and called 911 she was taken to hospital and she was released just minor injuries. >>who would tell you why some members of the navy seal team are being punished. >
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>>these men have been punished for disclosing classified information. the seven men are being
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recommended and their pay will be docked for two months because that provide information to a video game maker and this happened as they were working for paid consultants. the navy issued a statement as stated that they do not tolerate deviations and we are not supposed to say what we do as sailors in the united states. four other navy seals are also under investigation. >>this fighter at this warehouse. this this is a totals and firefighters are still surrounded and they're trying to put this fire out. they have been fighting this cents 3:30 a.m. this morning. it is now 6:27 a.m.
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then the hundreds of people here and they continued to show up. where going to the
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back. we thought we saw about 30 minutes ago maybe 30 more family show up. you have the yellow, the old even babies here braving the cold weather. not only do they need this after this morning they will have earned their free mail and voice. -- meals and to wastys many of these families were here when they're passing out backpacks and this time they're trying to get their hands on approximately 7000 meals as well as 16,000 toys. they will come back in a couple of days from now for their thanksgiving meals. j pecos is one of the organizers and he is talking to some of the families here. can we talk about the need. are you surprised at
6:33 am
some of these families that years earlier as the 11:00 last night. is this surprising and overwhelming? >> actually yesterday morning at 11:00 was when some of the first family showed up. she is a mom with three children and is the ticket caretaker of the family. her mother had surgery on left her neck and with the surgery costs the family is struggling. the one thing she control was making sure she had a holiday for them. >> when you see this line it is really humbling and heartbreaking. what is your reaction? >> it started raining when i left about 7:00 last night. the person i was just talking to got here about seven. they've endured a long night and it is absolutely tragic to see children in mind. we know they were hurt their and
6:34 am
hopefully people were taking them home. they were handing children off. >> what they need to do if they wanted the opportunity to get their toys as well as the thanksgiving turkey and christmas meal as well? >> we are holding registration today and next friday. the tollway will probably fill up. we expect to keep our district people black friday for the food side. 40003200 we will feed around christmas time. the challenge there is that we have about for turkeys and our freezer. because thanksgiving is so early this year we really want the community to realize that we always want to support these people and make sure we can feed these families. we can do it together. >> you can start setting up
6:35 am
at 730 this morning and there is a front line. we cannot reach it is around the corner. we'll get more reactions from people in line. . >> we have team coverage of the weather. this is a beautiful shot because you're warm and toasty in your bed or a kitchen right now. there's a look for mt. tam we see clouds in the distance and we are wondering if there and a clear out or we will have more rain? >> we will see clouds into the afternoon but it will be relatively dry for the afternoon. there rain is pretty much pushed out of our area for now with that system is wrapping around. there's a lot of rotation and then when that low pressure spikes over the bay area we will see more the way of cool air and the potential for cool rain as we head into later on tonight. the roads are a little wet out there and it is cold. it has not been this chilly and quite some time. we have not seen
6:36 am
temperatures in the 30 since the spring time. it is mid to upper '30's for center as an ally of 45 in downtown san francisco 46 in oakland. we have the potential for a straight stock shower for the rest of the morning. we increase the probability for thunderstorms into the afternoon. that is because of all the instability in the atmosphere and the warm air from the ocean what impact that. expect along the coast. hill could be produced along with gusty conditions picking up. we of the site's potential for some rain and clouds will decrease in the latter evening hours. dry conditions just in time for the weekend. i will walk you through what to expect saturday and sunday in the next chance for rain in my next report. >> still looking at a parade of ride around the bay area. the bay bridge backup reaches the west ran the 19th minute drive time there. the right around the
6:37 am
bay the quick commute check shows a little heavy traffic for highway 580 although much lighter than usual. highway 4 is not much lighter than usual but lighter conditions than normal and the south bay. lighter ride for the peninsula and south bay ride. >> of japan antioch a man who shot and killed in front of a home around 830 last night on west 18th street. he was a 44 year-old man and it is being investigated he shot him right now. >> and leslie is recalling 230,000 canisters of next week because of possible bill salmonella contamination. -- nestle's the batched says use by october 14th. you can see in
6:38 am
the shot. the problem was caused by an ingredient supplier and the product has since been recalled. so far no instances of any illnesses such check the bottom of your canisters. >> we are out of the gate and we can see the dow is off by 20 points. we are hoping the president says any way that today it will give the markets a better idea of what lies ahead and the showdown. with the republicans and democrats over this fiscal clef. right now we are down.
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and i was pretty wet overnight, right now storm
6:42 am
tracker showing as the bulk of that weather has moved on. there lingering showers off of the water that are headed this way. we still have a chance for two of light rain later on. >> here is on the free to ponder this morning is as ground-breaking are creepy? a baby dallas green and a lot of criticism and praise called the breast milk and baby doll. the stall makes a suckling son and their little sensors and a halter tops. sell your kid but not my kid will mimic in breast- feeding. critics say it is a little too mature for kids and one child development expert and sam francisco was
6:43 am
the idea. she says this football's can help older children deal with new babies in the family. -- doll we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. >> there is is is a new paradigm outlet mall that opened yesterday. we will have a live report coming up.
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0ñ@ñ >> check it out. if your hand to sign up for the lonely can you to get company. these are all of our live shots from up in the sierra. you did see the snow falling. that is a good tale of cars ride there. you anything about this species is -- ski
6:47 am
season. they have the clothes on halloween because it got too warm. now is a three day weekend and the resource that can undo open are expecting have people. it is reopening tomorrow and if there is a problem and they do not have enough they will open sunday for shore. --sure that the when there is here and it is time to have up there. >> people running trying to get out of the store to get where they're going but around 1:00 or so it was really coming down. it has fizzled out when a bit since then. but we have the latest with erica she is following the storm system. >> yes the bulk is gone so
6:48 am
we're clear and dry. we do have a stray shower over to 37 right over milpitas but that has pushed its way out as well. you may encounter some dam roadways so drive with extra caution. satellite and radar shows a similar story with this is a lightning strikes to our south around the array. you did see the system continues to rotate. that is what to continue to drag its way south and have the bay area and later on tonight. we could pick up some reagan and we will need to keep our umbrella as a handy for our plans for later on tonight. for the task force is set for the 6:00 hour and looks like it will be a dry one. cloudy and cool conditions persist until 8:00 p.m. tonight. we will
6:49 am
continue and the potential for a couple of showers for the overnight hours as well but we will see a decrease in cloud cover. because of that not only tonight and tomorrow night with temperatures could continue to drop around freezing for some of our north bay valleys. we also have the potential for some frost. it has not been this cold in the bay area for quite some time. santa rosa chilly 3638 and above 45 for hayward. in into the after the widespread '50s. bundle up and we will see breaks of sunshine in the afternoon but it will be a chilly wind. oakland 58 san francisco and livermore of 57 and cooler than that for. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the greater lake tahoe area
6:50 am
until 4:00 p.m. today. we could see between two to 5 in. of new snow above 7,000 ft.. when sustained attend 15 mi. per hour it will be pretty slick on the roadway so keep your chains can be just in case. 7 day around the bay has a story to tell. certain conditions into the weekend the sunday is veterans day and a lot of folks have the day off monday. relatively mild conditions for this time of year and another storm an 30 pet chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. drive by thursday and it looks like leave contact next weekend. --dry >> we're still the jury had treated can meet with no major incidents to slow the drive. the toll plaza westbound back upper reaches
6:51 am
of almost two west ran 16 to 18 minute drive times. the best approaches arise calling for an the 80 and it's freeway. the san the sale bridge ride is still holding at 11 minutes with no big jobs in the drive time. the counterglow direction is very light as you can see. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 southbound his daddy but no problems as you come from marin. a the west of the still and 18 minute commute. the settlement of a has no delays yet the 580 west is lighter than usual the 80 southbound has an accident at the witness on rap. the 1 01 north of the steady building and northbound direction where the drive time is 19 minutes from the 85-237. the north bay ride a little slowly through the drive times are still under 30 minutes for 1 01 southbound. and of take a look at best this is the
6:52 am
paragon outlets >> traffic is backed up for miles as you can see all the way down the freeway. people stuck in the backup for hours just trying to get off the freeway into the parking lot of the new outlet. jackie sissel is live in livermore with a pretty good looking out wet. >> people waiting in line to spend money. people need some post-election retail therapy. peridot outlets and livermore is apparently the place to be. -- paragon we're talking about big names like saks fifth avenue and bloomingdale's are monday and places like that. for the cost of hundred and $50 million to build 540,000
6:53 am
square feet of new retail space. they're hoping that 2000 full-time jobs plus seasonal jobs will really help the economy out here. this is the first outlet mall that has been built in california and 11 years. this is gray is the tri valley area. my daughters are coming fattato the mall puffed if i really like lucky brand jeans death >> the about $30 million in infrastructure support and they're hoping to get about $6 million a year back and revenue. the good thing is the malls opened at 10:00 tonight and will stay open
6:54 am
until midnight tonight and tomorrow night. you have plenty of time to get out here is are spending that money. >> it is a statement of the economic times isn't it? 11 years and no where in california they've been building an outlet mall until right now. that's pretty amazing. incredible the fact that people are ready to spend a mean that we're out of this economic slump. >> let's talk a little shopping and sears for black friday you do not have to wait till the day after thanksgiving anymore to get those deals. the retailer just announced that customers can shop online for the store's door buster black friday discounts starting on november 18th. industry analysts say that will put sears first in line for the black friday deals this year. i guess you can eat your turkey and then immediately start shopping online. >> before your turkey
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>> we will be right back.
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>> alive with a storm tracker 4, we had heavy rain that pushed through overnight but the latest reading showed that the bulk of the weather has moved on. there bits and pieces still had our way from or the minute.
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